The word contagious is very powerful.  It has been used when describing diseases but it is also a term to express something even more powerful - your personality, your enthusiasm and most importantly your energy!

The Who

A few years ago Coach Hernando Planells (Coach H) created ABC and the #ALWAYS (Authentic, Leadership, Willingness, Action, YugenSelfless) program while working with athletes and actors.  Since then it has expanded and helped programs, teams and businesses grow in their communication, teambuilding, leadership and culture.  With extensive experience working with coaches, athletes and teams, actors and businesses, ABC has been able to cultivate unique commitment with results that are continuously growing.

The Difference

As the world of motivation and results evolve and the regular routine of training lectures and books fail to produce positive outcomes, ABC has found a way to help.  Culture, Leadership, Communication and mindset does not change at a single event, it happens day by day with the proper support. Using #ALWAYS and its innovative improvisational activities ABC supplies the "Juice" helping so many see immediate growth and motivation.

The Results

Our inspiring approach motivates participants in all areas! Through the improvisational activities, enthusiasm, energy, retention and application of these techniques are only enhanced.

For more information or to book a ABC speaking event contact us at 919.972.9207 or by email here!