Excuse me failure... thank you for teaching me these 3 lessons!

There was a time in my life where I absolutely hated failure… I don't think any of us really enjoys that part of life but now that I am much older and supposedly wiser I embrace and try to attack it any chance I get!There is so much I have learned from the dreaded "F" word and so much to be thankful for!

Too many of us shy away from failure - we are always afraid of the outcome - but handling failure the right way could turn it upside down.  Here are three lessons Ive learned from failure - I hope you can come up with your list and share it with someone.

1 - Failure is only short term - We have the choice on how we attack this dreaded word and feeling.  I grew up thinking that if I went thru failure that it would send me on this downward spiral and that I could get back up again.  It was only when i experienced such loss that it was then I could pick up on the lessons learned.  Failure lasts as long as you allow it too!

2 - I needed it - I know what you're saying - "No one needs failure"!  But I ask you to look at it from a different perspective.  Without failure we cannot learn from our mistakes and choices.  We have to allow our mind and body to sharpen the skills needed to overcome failure.  Constantly avoiding failure is playing it safe - its not allowing ourselves to enjoy the hunt of life.  It is very hard to experience the fullness off what life has to offer when we play this "avoid failure" game.  I needed to fail to see who I was clearly.

3 - The sooner I got up from failure, the sooner I can move forward - Too many of us stay in that place, we don't get up quickly and move on.  We allow the failure to stew in our minds thus holding us back from everything we can accomplish.  Failing sooner and picking yourself up sooner will get you going on the right track quicker...  There is so much talk on allowing the "process" to develop - but many of us stall our "process" when we do not get up from our failures...  Maybe you have failed several times - stand up, dust yourself off and get back on the road.  It is totally worth it!


Embrace failure - love it at every opportunity and see it as a chance to get better!  We have been given the gift of life and nothing is perfect but we can continue on a journey that can be amazing and worth every fall and stumble!

 Be Great, Be a Light, Be Contagious

Coach Hernando Planells is a college basketball coach, leadership consultant and speaker helping others motivate and be inspired!  Coach H has worked with actors, athletes and businesses, helping them build a "tribe", motivating them to always be contagious!

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