Creating moments from momentum!

Creating moments from your momentum...

When we hear the word momentum we automatically think of something that is on a positive upswing... In the game of basketball when your team scores 2-3 times in a row or get key defensive stops, then the team has the momentum... But momentum can be felt in both positive and negative situations... We get to CHOOSE what kind of moments we want to have from our momentum! Creating moments is all around us yet many of use choose to feed of the negative momentum. When things aren't going our we allow that negativity rule our lives.

When we are feeling own and uninspired we are creating moments that only hurt us and our progress in life. I know that in my personal live I have spent too much time taking negative momentum and not making it work for me... I must continually remind myself that everything is a gift and that what I do with it is what will ultimately define me...

Its time for YOU to stand up, take a deep breath and start finding the moments that will only carry you toward the greatness you are searching for! Take control of YOUR life and make things happen!

Love you guys!

Hernando PlanellsComment