Rubin "Hurricane" Carter was on of the top contenders for the middleweight title.  In the mid-1960's he was accused for a horrible crime; a triple homicide he did not commit.  Carter went on trial, was found guilty and sentenced to three life sentences.

It was reported that when he reported to prison he had an expensive tailored suit a diamond ring and gold watch.  He spoke to the warden straight in the eye and told him that while in prison he will not be giving up the one thing he controlled... himself!  "I will not, under any circumstance be treated like a prisoner - I am not and never will be powerless".  Carter understood that his attitude, his beliefs, standards and choices were all his and he will not give those up!.

Carter as you would have expected was very angry BUT he understood that his anger will not be helpful in this situation.  He refused to be negative and feel pity for himself.  He spent every ounce of his energy on his legal case.  They did not ruin his life - he was just somewhere he did not deserve to be and he had no intention in staying there.  He read law and history books, learning as much as he could.  He would leave prison not only a free and innocent man but a much improved one as well.

Nineteen years and two trials later he walked out of prison a free, non guilty man.  He did what others wouldn't do - he did not file a civil suit, he didn't even ask for an apology from the courts.  he didn't want to be owed anything!  His mind set was -  no one can harm me - i did not want this to happen but I will decide how it will affect me - no one has the right to dictate how I feel!!!

We decide what we make on every situation!  We decide if we fall into that trap!  No one can forces us to give up or believe in something that is untrue.  We are in control of our perceptions and we must be in complete control in order for us to rise above everything!