The power of sports movie speeches

Some of the best motivational speeches given have come from writers of sports movies.  Films such as "Coach Carter", "Miracle", "Rocky" and more have all made an impact in our lives.  Words such as motivation and greatness are constantly talked about by every coach in the country.  Pre-game speeches and post-game talks happen all over the country but what is it that truly motivates us for greatness.  Former Baltimore Raven linebacker Ray Lewis said one time that "If your not pissed off for greatness than you are ok for being mediocre".  Powerful words from a man who accepted emotion as a big part of his success.  He allowed himself to get to a state that brings up feelings that are deep and mysterious.  In Japanese the word "Yugen" means precisely that.  In my 15 + years of working with actors, professional and college athletes I have found that the best ones are always focused and when they enter that "Yugen" state, their level of performance skyrockets!

Check out a compilation of some of the best speeches Hollywood has given us!

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