Millennials LOVE #thirstythursdays! By Stephen Black

We all want to better our lives, but need the ingredients to do so. You have to be driven, you have to have the passion and you have to experience both the ups and the downs. Those who truly want to better their lives already have these ingredients in them. With these ingredients, all you need is the opportunity to run with them and goals to achieve.

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Motivation…Or Lack There Of - By Todd Wolfson

Play Hard! Run! Dive on the floor! Hustle! Take a charge!

Show up at 6:00am, practice, lifting, training, study hall, team meal, film, practice, rehab, sleep, repeat.

Fall ball, spring league, summer games, AAU, trainer work, dribbling coach, shooting coach, strength and conditioning.

Are we doing too much? Are our players tired?

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JUICE #5 Newsletter - Tony Robbins, Millennials, Pure Sweat podcast & more!

Hi everyone! It has been a while since Ive gotten a update out but here is your #JUICEabc articles for November!  Season is right around the corner and absolutely excited to see what is in store for our program!  This month’s articles are amazing – we have tips on becoming a morning person, working with millennials and more lessons on leadership!  We are all on this never ending quest to be better and I hope all of these articles can help…

Think about this…

I am a big Tony Robbins fan and his content is powerful… make sure to watch “Im not your guru” on Netflix when you have some time!  I had a chance to catch Robbins on a Inside Quest video on youtube and as always it as fantastic… a few things he said really resonated with me and I want to share them with you.

“empower people in your path”

“Add more value than anyone else in your industry and then money wont become an issue”

“Success leaves clues – pay attention”

“Everything we do externally starts with internally”

If your interested in watching the whole episode visit Tony Robbins on the Science of Achievement - Inside Quest

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PURE SWEAT podcast

Was blessed to sit with Alan Stein on the Pure Sweat basketball podcast – touched on a variety of topics from recruiting, culture, practice and my divorce.  Click here to listen!

ABC Workshops

In 5 years close to 50% of the workforce will be millennials but right now 100% of our student athletes are millennials.  We must learn and embrace this so we can be effective eladers and communicators for them!  Scroll down on #JUICE for more articles on millennials!  We have expanded our ALWAYS workshops for businesses, sports teams and individuals – September has been packed!  Click here to learn more and how we can help you!

Why are you getting this?!

If you have attended one of our ABC workshops or a recent PGC clinic you have heard us talk about #JUICE (Just Understand… Its Crazy Energy!)  JUICE folders have a variety of articles that motivates us to attack the day!  In a world where we demand Juice/Energy from our players and people around us its always important for us to get it from somewhere and these articles below are our most recent additions!  Feel free to share with anyone and everyone – they all have a different value and some will speak to you more than others!  Don’t forget to send us a message here and please include your contact information so we can get back to you!

Final thoughts

As you go thru the week – think about what you can do for the person next to you…  your impact can be out of this world!  Please share this newsletter with as many people as you can! 

 JUICE articles

Second guessing and fatherhood - the perfect combination

#everydayisafriday – everyday is an opportunity to take steps to the life you want


The Millennials are coming… wait… they are already here!

How to Make Your Instagram Account Impressive

Leadership Lessons from the Presidential Election

Bossy vs. Buddy: Two Leadership Styles, Each With Its Place

A Lesson in Leadership: 2 Football Coaches, 2 Players' Mistakes, and 2 Very Different Reactions

Coaching Compass: Do you have ownership in the organization?


Hello I'm a Millennial... 6 key ingredients on how I live!

As a coach I get to work with some amazing student-athletes – they are talented, driven, hard working and passionate… but apparently they suffer from being that they called a millennium.  Every time I talk to someone about this topic they make it sound like it’s the flu or something. 

When I first heard the term millennium I did my research.  I wanted to learn more! The information online is great… but the answers were staring right at me everyday!  Close to 100% of the student population are millenniums – and so are my student-athletes!  I realized that I could learn from them so much more than any article or YouTube video I can find.

 I noticed that there are 6 key ingredients on how millennials live

Mobile – Nearly all millennials are attached to technology –They were essentially born with a Smartphone in their hands!  They have been trained in instant gratification.  They want to order a book – they order it on Amazon and they get it the next day!  When we had to do research we would go to the library – now they have Google and can find anything and everything.

The downfall:  human interaction suffers the ability to build deep meaningful relationships are lost.

 Social – Millennials are obsessed with social media! More than 75% of millennials allow their professional and personal lives to share space by "friending" managers, coaches or teammates on Facebook, Twitter and/or Snapchat.  They want to share their lives with everyone!  On average millennials share 6 pieces of content on social media a day. 

The downfall:  On social media you can filter everything – millennials make their life look amazing when things really aren’t going well.

Collaboration – They want to collaborate more than they want to compete.  Millennials grew up with parents who were more inclined to celebrate participation than reward hard work.  They were brought up on collaboration rather then winning or losing.  Getting things done in a team/family atmosphere is much more important. 

The downfall:  Competition is removed which makes leaders believe they are lazy and uninterested.

Fast feedback – This instant gratification Generation wants feedback and want it right away – they work harder when they know where they are going with all this hard work!

The downfall:  Patience is lost – taking pride in a process is gone.  Most areas in life after college are built on both of those.

Value meal sized – Millennials change tasks up to 20 times per hour.  You don’t have much time getting your message across – think shorter doses of information – short videos (5 min or less) and resources where they can guide their own learning process

The downfall:  Leaders believe their short attention span is a negative which makes them feel that they don’t understand hard work and the time it takes to get things accomplished.

Frame and let them go – Give them expectations and release them in to the wild!  This Generation is all about discovery, finding their way and ultimately keeping control of their direction in life.

The downfall:  Many of us coach and lead the way we were coached and led – that means we always had someone breathing down our neck.  As leaders we must trust what they can do and let them flourish while making their mistakes!

Leaders have a very hard time with these 6 ingredients – it goes against everything they know and have learned.  But being a good leader is being able to adjust on the fly.  Some of the greatest leaders and coaches adjust their game plan without sacrificing their standards.  Chip Kelly the current coach of the San Francisco 49ers had huge success at Oregon understanding millennials and how they learn and absorb information.   We can do the same – with the right guidance and open mind creativity we can get the strong relationships and productivity from the largest, most diverse and talented generation we will see!  Click the GET CONTAGIOUS button to learn how!

The Millennials are coming… wait… they are already here!

The 80’s and 90’s gave birth to Conan the Barbarian, Eddie Murphy, Hanson and Destiny’s Child and others – but the largest and most diverse generation was also conceived – The Millennials!

Working in collegiate athletics I get a front row seat on how millennials are interacting, behaving, managed and being coached.  I see how different they are and I hear every person not born in the 80’s and 90’s complaining about them…  Millennials are a breed all their own – they were born in the 80’s and 90’s and how they think and work are very different.  They use technology to socialize – we all believe they don’t have the “workaholic” tenacity that “we had growing up”. 

But it is time for leaders, employers and coaches to embrace the inevitable – that the millennials are here and we must do a better job to improve our outdated methods that just don’t work.

Here are a few statistics to consider…

By 2025 if not sooner millennials are expected to make up to 75% of the workforce

Pricewaterhouse one of the biggest accounting firms is planning for nearly 80% millennials in 2016 for their workforce

100% of our student-athletes are millennials…

50% of millennials are already in leadership roles

64% of those millennials feel prepared for their future roles

“In 2014, Millennials (born between 1980 and 2000) became the largest generation in the U.S. labor force. Over the next 5 years, they will grow by 30% to 72 million, while Baby Boomers decline by 28% to 30 million.”

Forbes, Magazine – The Mantle Of Leadership is Passing To Millennials

Millennials are not entitled but they do want engagement!

We have all heard the noise that millennials are spoiled and expect everything.  But that’s not necessarily true.  In the business world a recent study showed that training and development ranked over 200% higher than cash bonuses.  In athletics studies and surveys continually show us that our student-athletes are more interested in the experiences and how they develop over everything else! 

Millennials love hearing about experiences.  They want to participate in the learning process.  Engage in images when teaching them and they want to connect with you!  (even if it doesn’t seem that way!) Millennials not only want continuous improvement and development but they expect their employers, coaches and leaders to provide them with the opportunities.

Over the next few weeks we will be breaking down how millennials live and what are ways you can engage them…  This is truly an exciting time!  As we get older some of the advice we give young people is that they have to be uncomfortable in order for them to grow…. Now we get to practice what we preach! Be open, see the ways where you can build relationships… Millennials are our future and we can leave a little bit more of our legacy by how well we adjust and motivate them for the future!

#AlwaysBeContagious (ABC)

Always Be Contagious engaging improv based workshops will give your employees, coaches, student-athletes and leaders the tools to be successful.  This interactive approach will help your people lead, communicate, manage conflict and grow a winning culture immediately!  Stop sitting through lecture learning that only promotes fatigue and complaints – click the button below and become engaged, motivated and inspired by ABC!

#everydayisafriday - Secret to life starts with perspective!

#everydayisafriday - Everyday is an opportunity to take steps to the life you want! The "Making it to Wednesday" or "Its finally Friday" mindset must be adjusted - If Friday is the day of the week we look forward to then make everyday your Friday - this way you will bring enthusiasm, passion, drive and#juice to you and everyone around you! You are not here to be normal - You are here to be amazing! #motivation #bemore #chosen #lovelife#attackmindset 
(spanish translation by Katherina Dimov)

#thirstythursdays - Wanting more out of life!

#thirstythursdays - we are all thirsty for more - a better life, better job and better relationships! You already have all the ingredients to get to where you what to go! Take the steps you need to get there! #spreadtheword #motivation #thursday #bemore #greatday #passion #juice #alwaysbecontagious

#wcw - Winning Crush Wednesday

All over the social media world you will see #wcw everywhere which usually stands for "Woman Crush Wednesday" but here at ABC we have officially changed that too "Winning Crush Wednesday"!  Winning is more than just what you do on the playing field its about knowing that everyday you wake up you have already started winning your day!  To many times we focus on the negativity and crisis but take the time to see the good and positive energy all around you... be addicted to winning the day - there really is no greater feeling!  #WCW

Finding and facing your truths are so important...

Here at ABC we have officially take Tuesdays and made it our #truthtuesdays - a day where we look at our personal and professional lives and explore the truths of the ups and downs.  Fear holds us back and teh only way we can get rid of the fear is to attack it as much as we can... yes the truth hurts but it will be more painful if we continue to hide behind it!  Take the time today to find your truths and attack them over and over again - you will find a new you once you make it happen!

Its time to be amazing!

Each week we have been posting motivational/inspirational videos to our social media outlets... The support has been amazing and it is so important that all of know and understand that we are not alone in the world.  This first video entitled "Its time to be amazing" hopefully will inspire you to know and feel that you were put on this earth to do extraordinary things!  You were not here to be normal but to take others to where they've never been before... we can all empower and motivate others around you... I hope this video does exactly that!  #happymonday