Mark Berokoff on championship culture

Randall University Head Mens Basketball Coach Mark Berokoff stops by Be Contagious and talks about his amazing journey from coaching high school in Southern California where he won a CIF section championships to where he is today - winning his second straight National Championship at Randall.  Mark's journey is filled with ups and downs but his resiliency while supporting a family and building a successful culture is a true testament to his work ethic.  Mark is one of those few coaches that you may not know but he is one that you must reach out! Enjoy the conversation!

Show notes

Winning, leadership, championship culture

A relax team is better than a uptight team

Honesty with your players

Creativity in your communication

High fiving someone

Being real and sincere

Winning back to back Championships

Being adaptable and resilient

Challenge your teammates

Family and coaching

Neil Harrow on leaving the comfort zone, believing in the impossible and reacting to pressure

Troy University Womens basketball assistant coach Neil Harrow stops by the tribe of Be Contagious and talks about his journey from Scotland to Spain and eventually the United States.  Neil is a true example of how determination and mindset can take you to levels you've only imagined.  On todays episode we touch on his background and how his philosophies have been shaped thru is travel and experiences around the world!  You will absolutely enjoy my talk with Scotland's own Neil Harrow!

Show Notes

Leaving home at 19 to coach in Spain

Being comfortable with being uncomfortable

Building relationships

Opportunities to learn are everywhere

Having great relationship with your last player

Your influence on other peoples lives

Thinking deeply on what you say

Who would play him in a movie

What is he in love with