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Watching your kids grow... #alwaysdad

Ive been away from Preston and Gabby for close to 4 years now and I have discovered that there are many different types of feelings when you miss your own children.  There is also different versions of loneliness you go thru as well.  I usually spend most of my time with Gabby because her schedule is much more flexible - Preston swim schedule has him swimming almost 365 days a year so time with him is scarce.  

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It bothered me more than I thought... #alwaysdad

As a coach  I've never really pressured my kids into playing basketball… I always wanted them to forge their own way and be their own person. Duke is my first women's coaching job and before that I coached men for over 10 years. Preston always played basketball and for a time he played in different leagues before fully committing himself to swimming. But my daughter Gabby didn't really like basketball... She always wanted to do different things. 

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Second guessing and fatherhood - the perfect combination (#alwaysdad)

Being a father in the coaching world is a very difficult combination… Having your kids over 3000 miles away feels almost impossible...

I am blessed to speak with coaches who are also dads and many of them say the same thing - outsiders look at our lives and think that it's so amazing that we get to travel an impact young people… But for many of us it is very difficult to impact the ones around you and feel as if you have little to no impact with your very own kids.

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