Maybe I thought it would get easier... #alwaysdad


It is been three years since my kids moved back to Los Angeles… And it never gets easy. This morning I was looking at some pictures from right before they left North Carolina and I started to get emotional, my mood went down and I literally didn't want to move...

It's not that I thought things would get easier… I guess I didn't know what I thought would happen. They say time heals everything but I'm not so sure that’s true. If we note careful time will only bury the feelings not help them… I am extremely proud of Preston and Gabby, they continue to surprise me with everything they do - from how they get their work done, to interactions with friends… For that and much more I am very happy and lucky to be their dad.

But every day it feels as if there is a hole in my heart because I am not able to give them a good morning kiss, I am not there to see the look on their face when something doesn't go as planned, I am not there to give them an encouraging smile or look – and that's the most painful part of all this.

I don't think as dads and moms that we take things for granted.  I have learned that it's the Time that we take for granted and we just don't have enough of it. Some of you may have the opportunity to be around your kids every day – embrace that, be emotional, continue to show them that they are a priority and teach them to understand the joys of life… and for those who may not be around their kids every day, continue to make efforts – make calls, send letters, continue to be emotionally there and show them that life continues and that you are always there for them, loving them every step of the way.

I don’t think the pain will ever go away but I do think I can guide it in a way that can be of service and it doesn’t rule me…  #alwaysdad