#alwaysdad - dads in coaching during the WBCA!

I stayed up all night, worried about how many coaches were going to attend... the #WBCA16 and I had no idea how this was going to go.

Months ago, I had approached the WBCA about leading a discussion of some sorts with fathers in coaching.  Florida State’s talented assistant coach Brooke Wychoff had started something similar the year before with “Moms In Coaching”, and the turnout for that was amazing!  

I had gone thru a lot of personal changes the last 2-3 years, and many of it was because I consider myself a dad more than anything else.  After some random thoughts and many scribbles on paper, I wrote my first posting on #alwaysdad – trying to be a dad better than ever before.  The response was overwhelming and the need was clearly there.

My meetings with the WBCA about the session had gone great, and the the date crept closer, my personal excitement for the session grew...but so did my fear!  I brought my kids, or as I like to call them, “my fellow adults”: Preston (aka “the swimmer”) and Gabby (aka “the sniper”) to the Final Four with me.  I wanted them to soak in the experience, but I also wanted them to see that they are my inspiration for #alwaysdad!  

Finally, it was April 2nd – the day of the event. As we walked down to the ballroom, the swimmer stopped me and said, “Dad you’re going to be great, and other dads will come – how could they not!”  There is nothing greater than hearing the faith your kids have in you…

Slowly the fathers came trickling into the room, none of them (including me) knew what to expect… 1 hour later, the 40+ coaches who came to be a part of the discussion came out of the room armed with renewed faith, understanding, and hopefully more perspective than before. The dialogue has only begun, and we are on a mission to be the best dads we can be - doing it better than its ever been done before…

Over the next few weeks, we will be posting the topics we discussed, including ways to show your son and daughter love, what you want your kids to know, and other great insights from dads around the world! #alwaysdad

Feel free to contacts us here - would love to hear your stories on being a parent, a coach or anything else on your mind!