Its hard going to a Chick Fil-A (put your phone down)


Ok… Im sure by the title everyone thinks that I dislike the king of chicken juggernaut - its actually the opposite… I truly enjoy their Spicy Chicken and Chicken salad sandwiches - they are very hard to resist.  What I really meant was that its hard going to a Chick Fil-A, a Wendys, Dennys or any other establishments where you see parents and their kids.  The time spent with your kids are invaluable yet I see families sharing a meal but not really engaging with each other.  Earlier this week I watched 5 different families - some with one parent and others with both - they were all eating… supposedly together,  but not one of them said anything to each other.  They were all busy on their phones being distracted with everything else but was right in front of them.

Im a phone addict… or at least a recovering one… i guess it depends on the day… As a basketball coach communication to your staff, recruits, the world - is the end all be all of our business.  I was constantly checking my phone and not only for messages but on social media, playing around with the settings to find the right text tone so that it doesn't sound like everyone else's, to finding new apps that will help me conquer the world!  The truth of the matter is that I didn't put the phone down enough…

I can remember my daughter asking me to put the phone down… and when I didn't do that she would start asking me who im texting… and when I would simply tell her it's just work - you could just see the look on her face…

Hard to admit but now that the swimmer (Preston) and the sniper (Gabby) live on the other side of the country I find myself putting the phone down.  I have come to realize that every moment of everyday is unique and irreplaceable.  I enjoy it and savor it a lot more than ever before.  Both of them have seen the difference - even asking me where my phone is!   

It seems simple to just put the phone or any distraction away and focus on what's in front of us… but when we have a habit its tough to break free from it!   But do yourself and everyone else a favor… put the phone down

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